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Online Webinar Topic: Imposter Syndrome


Somaya Ouazzani – Mimoza Fleur

Somaya is the founder of Mimoza Fleur, a boutique search firm specialising in the recruitment of senior legal professionals within the City’s top law firms. Her work is sector specific and partner focused. Mimoza Fleur is quickly becoming one of the best known names in the partner search market and Somaya’s work has a particular emphasis on leveraging high quality senior associates into ‘day one’ partner opportunities. Prior to her career in recruitment, Somaya worked for many years in the City as a divorce litigator for HNW individuals and clients of media interest and as a teaching fellow at University College London. Somaya’s work has a particular emphasis on diversity and inclusivity at a senior level within the legal industry. 

Hannah Beko – gunnercooke

Hannah is a commercial property lawyer with gunnercooke and the founder of coaching and training consultancy Authentically Speaking, dedicated to changing the culture in the legal industry so that stress isn’t just accepted as part and parcel of the job. She works within the legal profession to encourage the improvement of key skills such as stress leadership, and becoming more authentic as lawyers. She is also a podcast host, author of upcoming The Authentic Lawyer and co-author of Future Proof Your Legal Career

Imposter Syndrome

Maya Angelou, despite writing eleven books, winning a plethora of awards and receiving over 50 honorary degrees, felt doubt that she had truly earned her accomplishments as one of the most influential memoirists and activists in history. Achievements of her calibre are unique, but her feelings of self-doubt and trepidation are certainly not so- many of us feel this same doubt that we have earned our successes. This is known as ‘impostor syndrome’, and in this panel discussion we will look in more depth at this challenge, and how it can be faced.

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Data Protection:

Why Your Privacy Matters

”  Privacy is foundational to who we are as human beings, and every day it helps us define our relationships with the outside world. It gives us space to be ourselves free of judgement and allows us to think freely without discrimination. It gives us the freedom of autonomy, and to live in dignity

This webinar will discuss the vital importance of data protection in the age of information. Privacy has come under a harsh spotlight as data breaches and other threats to our digital personalities have become commonplace and a growing part of our internet citizenship. Why is privacy important, and how can we protect ours?

Craig Clark – Clark & Company

Craig is an experienced information law and privacy professional, and a data protection expert with a passion for demystifying the complex world of GDPR compliance and helping organisations put privacy and accountability at the heart of their business processes. He is the founder of Clark & Company Information Governance Services, offering practical, common sense advice on all types of information governance challenges. Craig specialises in the protection of data in the education sector, currently working with Brunel University London as Associate Director of Privacy.