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Our code of conduct:

  1. Value and celebrate the collective identity of the Network.
  2. Engage proactively with your Network Campus Ambassadors to support them to make your voice and the voice of other students heard.
  3. Demonstrate integrity, fairness and professionalism towards other members of the Network and professional partners of the Network.
  4. Behave professionally and with integrity, honesty and courtesy at all times when representing the interests of the Network.
  5. Show respect for and towards other members of the Network.
  6. Ensure that you do not unfairly discriminate by allowing your personal views to affect the professional and personal relationships that you develop within and outside the Network.
  7. Do not abuse your position by taking unfair advantage of members or others.
  8. Maintain your competence to carry out your Network role (where applicable) and keep your professional knowledge and skills up to date.
  9. Contribute to the advancement, aspirations and success of the Network
  10. Work to improve the health, safety and wellbeing of yourself and that of others within the Network.