Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a national platform to empower and equip students with equality of opportunity and to embrace difference. The aims of the network are to bring ethnically diverse students together on one ‘digital platform of empowerment’ towards social mobility where students can collaborate and share ideas on professional and self-development, and to address the need for equality of opportunities in chosen career pathways.

We aim to do this by:

  • Providing an online platform to foster an inclusive educational and professional environment and culture.
  • Designing a programme of interventions to help BAME students to succeed in their chosen future profession.
  • Designing online interventions to help ethnically diverse students to succeed in their chosen profession.
  • Forming partnerships and allyships with universities and employers to help close the awarding gap and the recruitment gap.
  • Evaluating NDSN Network projects for funding.
  • Encouraging change.