NDSN are now recruiting – we welcome applications, join our team, make a difference and enhance your CV! You can apply for one of the following volunteer roles:

  1. Marketing Officer – the marketing officer will have responsibility for the public image of the NDSN both online and offline. We are looking for someone with good communication skills and a creative spirit.
  2. Communications Officer – the communications officer will work closely with the Marketing Officer and will be responsible for the social media and website content management. Knowledge of IT would be beneficial to this role.
  3. Initiative Manager – this role will involve project management of all NDSN activities and campaigns. We are looking for someone with drive, determination and passion for engineering social change.
  4. Recruitment Officer – the main duty involved in this role is to make sure that NDSN remains a truly national network and to also reach as many students across the country as possible. You will be responsible for contributing to new and exciting avenues to increase membership. If you have the ability to be proactive and are a good administrator, then consider this role.
  5. Core Mission Manager – our core mission manager will be responsible for ensuring that the NDSN meets its mission statement and terms of reference and that its actions, activities and partnerships are in keeping with the Network’s stated aims and ambitions. It you are interested in compliance and policy work then this is the role for you!
  6. External Engagement Officer – you will be the NDSN’s link with professionals and industry giants. Your work will involve forming new partnerships, allyships and new mentoring opportunities. We are looking for people with good social and diplomacy skills together with commercial awareness.
  7. Network Campus Representatives – as an ‘NDSN Campus Representative’ you will act as an Ambassador and voice for your university within the Network. This is an important role to ensure that the NDSN truly represents the academic world and from the student’s perspective.

We are looking for true leaders with the ability to make the NDSN an online community that works for students. If that is you then join now.